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 Master index of stories posted to A03.


Chance Meeting - Stargate SG-1 [Sam/Jack AU] Rating PG - 760 words
Matchmaker - Merlin [Gwen/Lancelot, Arthur/Gwen AU] Rating G - 602 words
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For [community profile] allbingo 's December iPod Shuffle music fest using the following criteria -

I have an iTunes playlist of "one hit wonders" which are songs by artists that I have only one song by in my library. (This is currently about 425 songs). I then made a random playlist of 100 of these songs and popped it into the bingo card creator. I'm quite pleased with the result and hope to be able to complete something with this one - I've had quite the dry spell.

My card of 25 song titles )

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After a six month hiatus and many missed deadlines/goals - I've cleaned up my side links and given myself permission to move forward with a clean slate. Besides, I can always use the bingo cards tag to revisit old cards (finished or not). Luckily, there are a few bingos issuing new cards to go along with my clean slate.

First up is [community profile] genprompt_bingo Round 11.
Placing beneath a cut:

gen prompt bingo round 11 card )
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Way late to the party (I think the round started in the summer) but after I finish NaNo, I'll still need about 50K words to make my 150K for [community profile] getyourwordsout . Better late than never, I say ....

My hc_bingo card )
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Dear Spacer:

Thank you for creating something for me! I am sure I will love whatever you make :D

General Likes: Space Battles, Apocalypse fics, Time Travel, Aliens - pretty much anything science fiction related and I'll love it. I prefer happy endings but if your muse takes you to a dark/angsty place that's fine.

Do Not Wants: Pairings unless listed.


Stargate SG-1:
Characters: Jack O'Neill, Sam Carter, Thor, Vala Mal Doran, Daniel Jackson, Janet Fraiser, Rodney McKay
Pairings: Jack O'Neill/Sam Carter, Daniel Jackson/Vala Mal Doran
Prompts: Stranded in Space,Heroic Space Battle,Time Travel,Alternate Universe

Stargate Atlantis:
Characters: Carson Beckett, John Sheppard, Evan Lorne, Todd (Wraith) - or any character
Prompts: Alien Virus/Space Sickness, Frienemies, Forced to Work Together

Star Trek: The Next Generation:
Characters: Jean-Luc Picard, Beverly Crusher, Guinan, Worf - or any character
Pairings: Jean-Luc Picard/Beverly Crusher, William Riker/Deanna Troi
Prompts: Stranded on Holodeck, Holodeck Adventure, Sole Survivor(s)

Dark Matter:
Characters: Any
Prompts: Character Backstory/Past, Pulling Off a New Job, Computer Malfunction
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Using the repeated image technique. Please feel free to take/use.

Total Icon Count: 10


Icons Here! )
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Made for February's Amnesty Challenge at [community profile] hc_bingo . My prompts were: free space (I chose stranded/survival scenario), undeserved reputation, hugs, hypothermia.

This screamed out for me to do something with the Stargate SG-1 Solitudes episode. Rather than write a fic, I chose to make a fanmix.

Cover Art, Tracklisting, Lyric Snippets, Prompts )

Listen at 8 Tracks
Listen at Spotify
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Back on track with my icon project. These are from Dominion using the replaced background technique.

Feel free to take/use.

Total Icon Count: 10


Icons Here! )
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 Links to all fics posted to A03 during 2016. Fandoms are listed in bold, [pairings in brackets or marked General if there are none]

Paradise Rescue - Stargate SG-1 [ Jack O'Neill / Samantha Carter ] - Rating Explicit - 2448 words
Extract of Lemon - Stargate Atlantis [ General ] - Rating G - 934 words
Under Your Spell - Grimm
Juliette Silverton / Sean Renard, Juliette Silverton / Nick Burkhardt ] - Rating Mature - 859 words
Musings on a Glass of Beer - 
Stargate SG-1 [ General ] - Rating G - 589 words
Not Like Spinach - Stargate Atlantis [ Laura Cadman / Rodney McKay ] - Rating Teen - 1558 words
Beautiful Minds - Stargate All [ Daniel Jackson / Nicholas Rush ] - Rating Teen - 2811 words
Road Warriors - Stargate SG-1 [Teal'c / Vala Mal Doran] Rating Explicit - 2954 words
Secret Admirer - Stargate SG-1 [Jack O'Neill / Samantha Carter] - Rating G - 388 words
In the Absence of Bat Signals - Stargate SG-1 [Jack O'Neill / Samantha Carter]
Rating Mature - 2544 words
Stranger in an Airport Bar -
Hawaii Five-O / Stargate SG-1 crossover  [Danny Williams / Steve McGarrett, Jack O'Neill / Samantha Carter] - Rating Teen - 2227 words
The Bridal
 Shower - Stargate SG-1 [ Jack O'Neill / Samantha Carter ] - Rating G - 729 words
A Worthy Queen - Stargate SG-1 [Ba'al & Samantha Carter] - Rating Teen - 729 words
Her Domain - Stargate SG-1 [ General, implied Jack O'Neill / Samantha Carter ] - Rating Teen - 1943 words
Adventures in Mistletoe - Stargate Atlantis [Jack O'Neill / Samantha Carter, Teyla / Unknown ] - Rating G - 1369 words
First Date - Stargate SG-1 [AU, Jack O'Neill / Samantha Carter] - Rating G - 720 words
Dog Day Afternoon - Once Upon a Time / Stargate SG-1 crossover [Jack O'Neill / Samantha Carter] - Rating Teen - 7348 words
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Not sure how happy I am with some of these - It is remarkably difficult to find good candid shots of Mitch :( And not every photo is a good candidate for vintage coloring. Still - I promised myself I wouldn't linger on any subject for more than a week- as there will be other subjects that use the same technique.

Feel free to take/use - credit to craterdweller please.

Total Icon Count: 10


10 Mitch icons ... )
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Continuing with my personal icon project for 2016 - 10 SG1 icons using small/tiny text.

Feel free to snag and use - credit to craterdweller please.

Bingo Card with fandoms/prompts.

Total Icon Count: 10


Read more... )
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10 Dark Matter icons - I'm sure there will be more to follow :P Great show if you haven't watched it yet.
Feel free to snag and use - credit to craterdweller please.

Total Icon Count: 10


Icons Here! )
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It's that time again - time for me to gather up bingo cards :) This one is for [community profile] trope_bingo Round #6. Having all my cards posted to one entry got confusing, so going back to each card having it's own and linking them from the side bar.

Trope Bingo Round 6 Card #1 )
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Dear Writer or Artist,

Thank you for considering my request for the Chocolate Box Exchange. I'm sure I will love anything you create! In the interests of making things a little easier I've included a few general likes/dislikes as well as noting a few of my OTPs.

Ratings: Open to all

General Dislikes: MPREG, A/B/O, animals injured/killed, scat, bloodplay, adultery/cheating

General Likes: I run the gamut from general to romance to humor to ... Pretty much anything that is not a dislike above.

OTPs: I only have a few but I'd appreciate not pairing the following with anyone else. General and/or friendship works are always welcome.

Stargate (All-Series): Sam Carter/Jack O'Neill (includes AU and CLONE versions)
Star Trek: The Next Generation - Beverly Crusher/Jean-Luc Picard

I'm craterdweller on A03.

**EDIT **
A friendly commenter pointed out that it is most helpful to list all the fandoms/pairings. I'm pretty open minded with pairings etc except as noted above. This is my first exchange using A03 - so thanks for being patient as I learn :D I did not suggest prompts for any of my requests and either fic or graphics are wonderful.

Stargate (all-series):
Pairings: Sam Carter/Jack O'Neill (and all their AUs and Clones), Cameron Mitchell/John Sheppard, Janet Fraiser & Jack O'Neill, Ronon Dex/Teyla Emmagan, Sam Carter & Daniel Jackson, Sam Carter & Daniel Jackson & Jack O'Neill & Teal'c, Sam Carter & Jennifer Keller, Sam Carter & Teyla Emmagan, Sam Carter & Teyla Emmagan & Jennifer Keller, Sam Carter & Vala Mal Doran, Teyla Emmagan/John Sheppard

Doctor Who & Related Fandoms:
Pairings: Amy Pond/Rory Williams, Jack Harkness & Martha Jones, Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones, Ninth Doctor/Jack Harkness, Ninth Doctor/Jack Harkness/Rose Tyler, Ninth Doctor/Rose Tyler, Tenth Doctor & Jack Harkness, Tenth Doctor/Jack Harkness, Tenth Doctor/Jack Harkness/Rose Tyler, Tenth Doctor/Rose Tyler

The X-Files:
Pairings: Dana Scully/Walter Skinner, Fox Mulder & Dana Scully, Fox Mulder/Dana Scully, John Doggett/Monica Reyes

Star Trek: The Next Generation:
Pairings: Beverly Crusher/Jean-Luc Picard, Data & Spot, Deanna Troi/Worf, William Riker & Deanna Troi, William Riker/Deanna Troi

Dark Matter:
Pairings: Five | Das & Six | Griffin Jones, Five | Das & The Android, Three | Marcus Boone/ Four | Ryo Tetsuda, Three | Marcus Boone/ Four | Ryo Tetsuda /Six | Griffin Jones, Three | Marcus Boone / Six | Griffin Jones

**End Edit **
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Using the Owomoyela Demographics Generator to feed the Owomoyela Bingo Card generator, I created a 7x7 Bingo card for myself with the fandoms/interests from my Interests page coupled with technical graphics prompts from a landcomm challenge. The goal I am setting for myself is to complete a blackout bingo by December 31, 2016. Each fill will be 10 icons.
Bingo Card )
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Fills a square for [community profile] trope_bingo prompt of chosen family.

Total Icon Count: 10

10 icons )
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 I somehow managed to screw up the formatting of another post. 

Mobile / Carnivorous Plants Coercion Sunshine and Blue Skies "It is the way of my people": Traditions Habits and Routines
Enemies One of the Dispossessed Gardening Late at Night The Heart of the Jungle / Forest
Happy Endings Anger Wild Card Physical imperfections Victorious
Midwinter's Night / Midsummer's Day An Immovable Object meets an Irrestible Force Angst Ghosts and Hauntings Angel / Demon AU
Northern / Southern Lights Unnatural (Events, Weather, Beings) Old and New Pipes and Beer Horror
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Getting back into a groove again (hopefully) so time to start thinking of working on new bingo cards.

[community profile] hc_bingo
My hc_bingo card )


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